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'Spacirova dazzles the

audience with undeniable charm,

a bubbly personality,

and  a ridiculous level of stamina.''

- The Wee Review 

'...a very important tale –

of following your dreams,

even if you are unsure of what they are.'

- Fringe Review

"20 years old, holding a suitcase in one hand and plenty of issues in the other, I convinced myself a change of scenery, people, job, house, friends, lifestyle, currency, time zone and a language will solve all of them at once."

After successful initial run at Camden and Edinburgh Fringe, Beyond Borders, formed of female international artists residing in the UK, returns to London with their debut play Runaway, a story about home, belonging and finding identity as an immigrant in a big city. A coming of age journey through confusion, youthful rebellion, self expression and personal ambition. It's about endless searching for the place that feels right. That feels like home. It's about racing towards the future and running away from the past, until you cannot run anymore and all you are left with is the present. A train station. And a train to Brixton.

Written and performed by Zuzana Spacirova

Directed by Oettie Devriese

Light design by Michael Chadwick

Poster design by Esse Sonron

Production photography by Tom Trossero

Summer Indie Festival

Etcetera Theatre Camden

14/17 September, 7pm

Clapham Fringe

The Bread & Roses Theatre

25/26 September, 9pm, 28 September, 7pm

Fresh off the Fringe

The Pen Theatre

30 September, 7.30pm

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